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  • Stones, Marbles, Travertines, Granites

    Stones can be used for interior decoration and as well as building materials for both internal and external use.

    The speed extraction from quarries makes the stones change continuously, so each slab differs for dimensions, hues and vein.

    Once selected, the slabs has to be measured while their quality and look determines the right finishing and processing.

    Experience and knowledge of the market allow us to help customers to choose among marbles, stones, onyxes and slates selected in both domestic and foreign markets.

    Our artisans’ flexibility, combined with high technology instruments and machinery, results in the possibility to offer any kind of workmanship, taking care of both finishings and details.

    Floors and coverings can be realized custom-made, book-matched and repeated vein or in standard formats.

    Some of the proposals we use to suggest for stone surfaces include engraved marbles and stones, decorated textures, three-dimensional effects, adding to the typical finishing operations such as honing, brushing and bush-hammering.

    We can also supply, bespoke or on a drawings bases, tops for kitchens or baths, sinks, bathtubes and basins.

    • Intarsia – Mosaics – Cosmateschi

    Opus sectile or marble intarsia is a technique based on the overlapping of different marble slabs, shaped and placed one beside the other, without any space in the middle, in order to obtain different geometric and decorative images.

    The installation of floors made with marble intarsia require skilled workers and long time procedures which result in higher costs. The use of this particular technique highlights the great prestige of the location and the high status of people living in there.

    Mosaic is the outcome of a graphic composition made with scraps of materials (tessere) in different types and colors.

    In the mosaic world, the term “Cosmatesco” refers to a particular style of polychrome decoration made with very small marble, granite or ceramic tesseras combined to create geometrical patterns.

    Its name comes from the members of some artisans families working in Italy during the XII and XIII century.

    We are also able to bring to life marble floors and coverings, in mosaic and “Comatesco” mosaic, by using old and restorated tesseras, or to supply customized panels hand-decorated with marble, stones or onixes tesseras in any shape and size.