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    Parquet has always been the ideal floor to make a room comfortable and cosy. Excellent for bedrooms, livingrooms, diningrooms and children’s bedrooms, it’s also a good solution for rooms more vulnerable to wear and tear, like bathrooms, kitchens and corridors.

    Our offer includes parquets made in oakwood, in fine solid wood or engineered: planks free length, squared panels, Versailles panels, chevron and herringbones. Our offer also includes boiserie and coverings made with new or ancient woods (for walls, kitchens, furnitures), recycled from old barns and country houses, as well as old parquets.

    We also propose Schotten & Hansen parquets and coverings. Their woods selection have the unique feature of being washable with water: you can install it in damp areas or on heated floors thanks to a patented washing process, a natural drying and a special treatment with oils, waxes and resins.

    The parquet is waterproof thanks to a high quality adhesive placed among the layers. This technique doesn’t allow neither the separation of the noble wood from the staves nor undulations even in case of a water-flood or if hot water pouded on the floor.