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    Cotto has many different surface aspects depending on both clay they are made with and the relevant manufacturing procedures: from smooth to rough, with uneven sides or regular ones if cut by machine.

    Its color derives from the clay (yellow or red) which has been utilized as well as from the wax used for the floor’s finishing.

    Cotto’s baking techniques influence both the tone and the red flame of clay tiles, becoming itself a feature of the floor.

    The colored Cotto is the outcome of a mixture of clay, oxides and pigments. 
    Hand-pressed in wooden framework of different shapes and sizes, it turns into a tile. Each tile surface is smoothed and all sides are straightened by an ancient manual technique. Natural tiles’ drying and baking are the last steps of a process to manufacture something really unique for both details and flaws.

    Cotto can be used for both floors and coverings.